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About Nicola

“I have never tasted food so wonderful.. and I have been to some of the best restaurants and spas in the world”….“The nourishment was heavenly!“ …..“Inspired with the possibilities of how I can live, eat and be me!”

“I am a meat eater...a little hesitant coming to the yoga retreat and eating nothing but vegetarian cuisine for 2 days... You have changed my outlook on vegetarian cuisine! I was full, satisfied and felt wonderful after eating your beautifully prepared food. As a bonus this "sugar addict" had no sugar cravings! Wow!" ...for more praise see...

Nicola Lawrence James, Chef and co-founder of Harmony Dawn, consistently draws extravagant praise from guests for her food, which is delectable to both eye and palate, infused with love and balanced with a broad knowledge of healthful cooking and mind-body expertise. Nicola’s heart is warmly embracing and her laugh infectious.

Nicola has a life-long passion for cooking with extensive experience in the food industry, including running her own catering company. In addition to her culinary skills, she is a Feng Shui, Tai Chi Chuan and Medical Qigong practitioner (MQP), which all add specific knowledge and technique to her innate intuition. She seamlessly incorporates profound Yin-yang principles into her extravaganza of taste, texture and colour. She is a passionate advocate of fresh, local and organic food while celebrating the genius and diversity of the planet’s culinary traditions. Her food has been described as cutting edge “Spa Cuisine” at its finest! Nicola is experienced in a wide range of specialty diets - macro-biotic, vegan, gluten-free and more.

Popular demand for recipes, cooking and health tips has led to two successful books, The Dao of Harmony Dawn Cooking: Innovative and Acclaimed Spa Cuisine and Eco Harmony Dawn Cooking: Balancing your Internal and External Environments, co-written with her husband, Andy James.  Nicola teaches a popular Harmony Dawn cooking workshop (with Andy leading a few meditation and qigong sessions) four times a year.  Her work has been covered by TV and by the print media, including the Toronto Star. Nicola is available for outside (of HD) consultation and workshops and will soon be offering on-line cooking services and a blog.




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