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Where Balance, Healing and Inspiration Bloom

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  • Harmony Dawn Retreats & Workshops

    We offer in-house workshops as well as a full slate of guest instructors whose work seems to be in harmony with our own visions.


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  • What We Do, Who We Are

    HD is an acclaimed, leading-edge Green retreat.  It incorporates principles of Feng-shui and Yin-Yang balance, which includes its food -  a major draw for repeat guests.


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  • What is Power of Balance

    Balance is underestimated in our Now culture, which celebrates excess and the Wow factor.  Ageless Wisdom teachers point to Balance as the real, enduring source of Power.


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Upcoming Workshops & Retreats 2024


  • Develop your ‘mindfulness’ practice by being part of Andy’s Tai Chi Meditation Centre weekly Mindfulness (Vipassana) Meditation class in Toronto.
  • Medical Qigong exercises taught by Shifu Donna Oliver that help the body correct physical & energetic imbalances, release deep-seated emotions & stress.
  • Chef Nicola Lawrence creates ever more healthful, rave-inducing, spa cuisine recipes...
  • In this powerfully insightful book, James connects the dots between the major issues of our times ...
  • Push Hands is two-person partner training, which brings the Yin-Yang principles of the solo ..
  • Shifu Andy James talks about the application of Tai Chi & what it means in relation to...

Qigong & Tai Chi With Shifu Andy James


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