Harmony Dawn Guest Instructor Workshops

Harmony Dawn is a favoured destination for many Ontario Yoga Retreats, because of word-of-mouth buzz and recommendation by yoga teachers and retreat leaders.  Some of our guests come from America and beyond.   We also host meditation, environmental, artistic, and therapeutic groups as well as family get-togethers and NGOs.

Please note that the following listing of workshops does not represent the totality of all the workshops, retreat and gatherings booked at Harmony Dawn. Many of our bookings are made by private or corporate groups.

Please call or e-mail us for available booking dates. 


  • Spring/Summer 2017
  • March Break Cooking for Health Retreat Workshop
    With Nicola & Andy
    March 10-12
    365.00 plus HST
    Contact: Nicola at nic@harmonydawn.com

    Spring Renewal Retreat: Yoga, Meditation, Reiki & More
    With Kellie & Kimeiko
    March 24-26
    375.00 inclusive
    To register contact Kellie at info@awareyoga.com 613-395-4977
    Awareyoga.com and Kimeiko.com 
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    Lighten the Load
    With Ariana and Carina
    March 31-April 2
    Early bird $375.00 plus HST
    To register contact Ariana.r.novak@gmail.com
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    Sitting with Spring Meditation Retreat
    With Grant Hutchinson and Rose Riccio
    April 7-9
    Early bird price  350.00 +HST before Feb. 15, after 375.00 plus HST
    For more information and to register contact Grant at grantgrant.hutchinson@gmail.com
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    Resonance - Yoga + Sound + Nature Retreat
    With Megan Marie Gates
    April 21-23
    Pricing: Before March 15th - $350+HST, after March 15th - $380+HST
    To register contact Megan at  www.meganmariegates.com/resonanceretreat
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    Mindfulness (Vipassna) Meditation Retreat
    With Shifu Andy James
    April 28-30 +
    355.00 Plus HST
    This retreat is scheduled for 2 days.  Additional days may be added if enough people are interested.
    Contact: Nicola at nic@harmonydawn.com or Andy at andyjames@andyjames.ca

    Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation Retreat
    With Nicole Kantas
    May 5-7
    Early bird 340.00 +tax after Feb 20 390.00 +tax
    Contact Nicole to register at Nix73@rogers.com
    See info page for details. 

    Spring Yoga Retreat
    With Sandy Leblanc of Fit Journey Yoga & Health
    May 12-14
    Details pending but for more info contact: Sandy at sandy@fitjourney.ca  416-618-7558 www.fitjourney.ca

    A Mindfulness Yoga Retreat
    With Sarah Brose & Katarina Wittkamp
    3 days May 19-21
    Early bird $730, Regular rate $810, Payment plan options
    To register contact Katarina & Sarah at amindfulnessyogaretreat@gmail.com
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    Mindful Yoga - A Weekend Retreat
    With Kellie Dearman
    May 26-28
    $360.00 includes HST
    To register contact Kellie at info@aware.yoga.com
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    Mindful Awareness Yoga Retreat
    With Wendy Sammut
    June 2-4
    Early bird 375 +HST by April 15, After 420 + HST
    For more information and to register, contact Wendy at connect@wendysammut.ca
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    Align with the Immortal Diamond of your Soul, a Bhakti Yoga Retreat
    With Diana Lockett
    June 16-18
    350.00 + HST Before Feb. 1, 380.00 after
    To register contact Diana at dm.lockett@hotmail.com
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    Summer Solstice Retreat
    Yoga, Meditation and more

    With Paula, Torneck-Richie
    June 23-25
    Early bird 350.00 Plus HST, After April 1 400.00 plus HST
    To register contact Paula at paulayoga.ca
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    Step into Joy
    Yoga, meditation and more..
    With Adriana Rajewski
    July 7-9
    480.00 plus tax, early bird by June 15, after 520.00 plus tax Contact Adriana for more information and to reserve your space enlightenedyoga1@gmail.com 519-567-6804
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    East to West Yoga & Pilates Annual Summer Retreat
    With Susie Dias
    July 21-23                                          
    For more information contact Susie at Susie@easttowestyoga.com or www.easttowestyoga.com

    Retreat to Remember
    Soulful & Empowering Women’s Retreat
    With Miranda Goody
    July 28, 11:00 am start – July 30
    430.00 until April 15, After 455.00
    For more information contact Miranda at mirandaklumper@yahoo.com www.mirandagoody.com

    Qigong & Tai Chi
    With Andy James
    August 11-13
    $355.00 plus HST
    To register or for more information, please contact nic@harmonydawn.com

    The Lake Escape -Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat
    With Jessica & Ivana
    Aug. 18-20
    385.00 inclusive
    To reserve your spot contact Ivana.musich@gmail.com or 647-232-8611
    Visit facebook.com/ThatNomadLife/events for more details.
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    Summer Core Cleanse -3 day juice cleanse, with meditation, movement and compassionate Cleansing
    With Elizabeth McAvoy ND
    August 25-27
    cost is $260 + HST
    For more information and to register contact Elizabeth at elizabethandlivingwell@gmail.com


  • Fall 2017
  • R & R Yoga Retreat
    Daily practice & Workshop
    With Fortunata McConkey
    Sept. 8-10
    325.00 plus HST
    Contact fm@dragonflyyoga.ca for details or contact Fortunata at 519-217-2991 www.compassofwellness.com

    Our BIG Yoga Retreat
    With Joanne Lowe
    Sept. 15-17
    Early bird 395.00 (plus HST) if booked by July 23, after, 445.00 (plus HST)
    For more information and to reserve your spot contact Joanne Lowe 416-486-4448 info@bigstretchyoga.com

    Kripalu Yoga Retreat
    With Lindsay Vandenhurk
    Sept. 22-24
    Early bird 350.00 (plus HST) by July 31 after
    400.00 (plus HST)
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    To register contact Lindsay at www.discoveryouryoga.com

    Yoga Retreat & Healing
    With Nienke Young KYT & Elizabeth McAvoy Naturopath
    Sept. 29-1
    Details pending but for more info contact Nienke at Nienke@yogabliss.me 905-903-YOGA (9642) or Elizabeth at www.harmonyhealthoshawa.com

    Discover and Trust Your Inner Compass
    “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”
    - Aristotle
    With Katie Phang (of Yoga Shala) and Ami Au-Yeung (of Coaching by Ami)
    Oct 13-15
    $385 + HST, Early Bird by Sep. 1
    $425 + HST, After Sep. 1
    To register, contact: Katie at katiephang@rogers.com or Ami at info@amiauyeung.com
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    2-7 day Mindfulness (Vipassna) Meditation Retreat
    With Shifu Andy James
    Oct 20-22-27
    355.00 for the wknd
    This retreat is scheduled for 2 days.  Additional days may be added if enough people are interested at 110.00 per day
    Contact: Nicola at nic@harmonydawn.com or Andy at andyjames@andyjames.ca

    Rejuvenate Retreat
    With Sam Shepherd and Heather Griffiths
    Oct. 27-29
    450.00 early bird 500.00 after Sept. 21
    For more information and to register contact Heather at
    heather@griffithsconsulting.com or Sam at eosam@gmail.com
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    Christmas Cooking Celebration Weekend
    With Nicola & Andy
    November  3-5
    365.00 plus HST
    For information and to register contact Nicola at nic@harmonydawn.com

    KnoWonder Retreat  
    With Franca Leeson
    November  10-16 (6 days)   
    Details pending but for more info contact Franca at info@lookagain.ca

    Making Room for you Women’s Retreat
    With Milisa Burns- Certified Professional Coach
    Nov. 17-19
    497.00 Plus HST
    To reserve your space contact Milisa at 416-929-0274, www.milisaburns.com
    Click here for information on retreat

    Revive Fall Yoga Retreat
    With Daniella Comacchio, Jason Maraschiello and Laurin Wolf
    Nov 24-26, 2017
    $400 early bird, $450 after Sept 29th
    Register at www.reviveretreats.ca
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