Price: $520.00 (Plus HST Tax)
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Qigong & Tai Chi

Date: Aug 18-20, 2023 Cost: $520 PLUS HST.

The workshop will offer detailed instruction on universally important fundamentals like standing, walking and breathing as well as more advanced mind-body-energy self-healing techniques.  Instruction will be individually adjusted to your level of experience or lack thereof.  All are welcome.

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, founder of the International institute of Medical Qigong, wrote about Shifu James: “James’ in-depth understanding of Chinese integral mind-body training stems from his (more than) thirty-five years of personal internal martial arts experience… A master instructor internationally recognized by his peers for his mastery of the most esoteric aspects of the internal martial arts”.

The workshop will be held at the beautiful and tranquil Harmony Dawn retreat, famous for its Yin-Yang based cuisine.  Instruction, food and accommodation are all included.

Location: Harmony Dawn Retreat, please contact us to register to reserve your space.